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Are you a victim of personal injury? Do you feel like you are entitled to a claim for the damages you have sustained because of someone else’s negligence? If your answer to both questions is yes, then it is time that you seek the services of Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. An established personal injury lawyer based in San Diego, California, Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. and his office, Ordaz Law, APC is always ready to help individuals who have endured wrongful pain and injury of untoward incidents that should never have happened in the first place.

Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. has been in the law profession since 1998, and he has handled many different kinds of personal injury cases during the course of his career. He specializes in the many forms of personal injury, including:

  • Personal injury resulting to physical and psychological damages
  • Serious injury, including permanent disability
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability

Reasons to Trust the Services of Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr.

Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. not only has the technical and intellectual expertise in handling personal injury cases; he also deals with his cases personally. This aspect is very important because personal injury claims deal with the damage to human life. It is never easy for victims of accidents to get over their ordeal and face life once again in the way they used to-they have already been damaged, mentally and emotionally. While the wounds of the injury heal over time, the pain, the trauma and the memories are never erased and these have the greater capability of haunting them back.

Fighting for a personal injury case is more about giving value and respect to human life, and this is what Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. believes in. This is the same principle he wants his clients to understand, for as human beings, they have all the right to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. is likewise supported by a team of highly-trained individuals in personal injury law, and together they make up Ordaz Law, APC. His office personnel serve as different channels of support, from conducting thorough research in the cases they handle, contacting the necessary parties liable for a client’s personal injury claim, calculating the worth of the claim filed by the client, and many other duties. They likewise formulate options to provide clients with the options as to how they want to proceed with their claims.

Going to Trial or Opting for a Settlement?

Many victims of personal injury are usually geared towards accepting settlements because their lawyers tell them that it’s the most practical way to resolve their claims. But that’s not always the case. Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. makes it a point to hear out his client’s sentiments first and provides not only the best options, but all the choices that they can take when fighting for a personal injury claim. This is because he believes that money is not all there is in a personal injury case-there are values such as integrity and respect, and the person’s dignity as a human being, and these things can never be repaid by a sum of cash.

Hence, Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. offers his legal perspectives, and lets his clients decide which direction to go, may be it to pursue a court trial or to come to terms through an amicable settlement. And yes, he commits to stand by his clients through thick and thin.

Nobody deserves to get hurt due to mere negligence and imprudence. True, accidents happen, but they can be prevented. And Atty. Juan J. Ordaz Jr. makes it a point that his clients get the justice they deserve, and those liable pay what they are due.
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